When Words Matter

Case Study #1:
A book about the dancer Jonathan Porretta

Getting You Started

They say it starts with an idea. But an idea won’t actually get you very far. To actually finish a stellar project, you need:

  • project management skills
  • creativity
  • strategic thinking
  • follow-through
  • an understanding of a project’s entire life cycle.
Case Study #2:
Seattle Business Magazine

Keeping You Going

In the fall of 2015, I served as Interim Art Director at Seattle Business Magazine for two issues. To provide a seamless transition for the editors, I relied on my ability to:

  • understand someone’s brand
  • understand typography & magazine structure
  • anticipate and work through key process pressure points
  • really hear the editors
  • be alert and nimble—especially on deadline.
Here's The Result...
Case Study #3:
The Gottman Institute

Upping Your Game

The Gottman Institute’s workshops were consistently getting rave reviews — for everything except their workbooks. The content was thick with good ideas, so TGI thought perhaps a bit of design might be the answer. It certainly was. I used design to help their readers:

  • find what they were looking for
  • get motivated to actually read the text
  • understand the text
  • to keep reading, page after long page.
The Difference It Made...

Here’s What

I Can Do For You


Posters, brochures, boards, signage, sell sheets, cards


Books, magazines, catalogues, manuals, proposals, media kits


Logos, business suites, packaging, merch, window treatments

Motion Graphics

This is definitely a nascent skill for me, but I'm interested in doing more!


Writing, co-writing, ghostwriting, editing


Project management, tutoring, coaching, facilitation

Wall o’ Stuff

Some of my work appears below.

If you’re looking for a particular type of work, just let me know.

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